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Euro for hydraulic press brakes from Algeria customer will place the order after a visit

hydraulic press brakes

Euro for hydraulic press brakes fro Algeria customer will place order after visit

Customers from Algeria come to the factory to book Euro for Hydraulic Press Brakes. Pre-orders for the following units produced by KRRASS are:

3 set press brake:
CNC DA41 WC67K 100T3200 press brake,
CNC DA41 WC67K 80T2500 press brake,
CNC DA41 WC67K 40T1500 press brake;

2 Set shear machine:
E21S 4×2500 guillotine shear,
E21S 4×3200 guillotine shear;

both with pneumatic support.

Hope they are not too tired for this visiting to China, and everything going well.

hydraulic press brakes

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