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Yemeni customers accept WC67K-125T3200 E300P press brake and other equipment

Yemeni customers accept WC67K-125T3200 E300P press brake thumb

Last month, a Yemeni customer ordered 2 pieces of sheet metal forming equipment at the KRRASS factory: WC67K-125T/3200 with E300P press brake and QC12K-6X3200 shearing machine. This month, the customer came to our factory to personally inspect and accept the sheet metal forming equipment for two days.

During this trip to China, the customer was impressed by KRRASS’s professional technical team and services that provided cost-effective products, and we became their first partner in China. The customer was very happy and satisfied with the acceptance of the equipment. They also hope to help KRRASS promote our various sheet metal forming equipment locally.

The KRRASS brand has always had a good reputation and influence in the Middle East. More and more Middle Eastern customers have begun to contact us and choose to purchase our products and equipment. We also hope that in the continuous cooperation with customers, we can better accumulate service experience, and at the same time improve our own service level, so that the influence and popularity of the KRRASS brand can rise to a new level in the entire Middle East.


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