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Discover the Benefits of an NC Press Brake for Your Workshop

NC Press Brake E21

As a workshop owner, you understand the importance of having efficient and reliable tools for your operations. One such tool is an NC press brake. NC press brakes are used to bend and shape sheet metal into various forms, making them an essential piece of equipment for any workshop that handles metal fabrication tasks.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using an NC press brake in your workshop and answer some common questions related to its usage.

What is an NC Press Brake?

Discover the Benefits of an NC Press Brake for Your WorkshopNC stands for Numeric Control, which means that an NC press brake’s operations are controlled by a computer program. This computer program is used to automate operations like cutting, bending, and shaping the sheet metal to a high degree of precision.

The CNC or Computerized Numerical Control is similar to an NC press brake in operation, but it offers additional capabilities like automated tool changes and advanced programming options. However, these features come at a higher cost.

An NC press brake works by holding the sheet metal in place, then lowering a flat die onto the metal to bend it into a desired shape. The die can be replaced with a variety of shapes to create different bends, making this machine highly versatile.

Benefits of an NC Press Brake

Using an NC press brake provides many benefits for any workshop:

Precision Bending

NC press brakes offer a greater level of precision than manual methods because they use computer programs to control the operation. This means that the bends are more consistent and accurate than those made by a human operator, resulting in fewer errors and higher quality products.

Increased Efficiency

NC press brakes are much faster compared to manual presses as they operate automatically without significant downtime. Once programmed, they move quickly from job to job, allowing you to complete orders faster and with improved accuracy.


NC press brakes have a wide range of applications, including bending, punching, and notching. They can work with various materials such as aluminum, brass, steel and others with thicknesses ranging from a few millimeters up to several centimeters.

Reduced Labor Costs

An NC press brake eliminates the need for highly skilled operators, thus reducing labor costs. Since the machines can operate more efficiently, work is also completed at a faster rate, minimizing the time and money spent on production.

FAQs About NC Press Brakes

  1. How do I choose the right size of an NC press brake for my workshop?

The right size is determined by the largest sheet metal size you will be working with. Look for a model that has a large enough capacity to handle your needs without being too oversized for smaller jobs. This ensures maximum efficiency and productivity.

  1. Can NC press brakes handle thicker metals?

Yes, most NC press brakes can bend metals up to several centimeters thick. However, ensure your press brake has the necessary tonnage for your purposes.

  1. How often should I maintain my NC press brake?

Regular maintenance is required to keep the machine operating optimally. You should inspect and lubricate all moving parts daily or weekly, replace worn-out parts promptly and schedule professional tune-ups every six months

  1. Is it safe to operate an NC press brake?

Yes, NC press brakes are designed with many safety features that make them safe to operate when used properly. These features include guards, sensors, automatic shut-offs, and emergency stop buttons.

  1. How long does an NC press brake last?

NC press brakes have a long lifespan, lasting for decades with proper maintenance and care. However, keeping up with technology advancements and upgrading periodically will plant you ahead of competition and increase productivity.


Purchasing and using an NC press brake in your workshop brings numerous benefits, including precision bending, increased efficiency, versatility, and reduced labor costs. Plus, with many models to pick from, you can select what meets your specific demands.

With all these benefits in mind, and the affordable prices once you weigh the potential return on investment, it’s no surprise that an NC press brake is a worthwhile purchase that can last for years, benefiting your business even in the long run.

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