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BANYA’s Boss of Kuwaiti Praful Sardhara came to visit KRRASS factory

Kuwaiti customers visit KRRASS factory

On June 19, Kuwaiti BANYA boss Praful Sardhara visited the KRRASS factory. KRRASS Machine Tool has more than 20 years of experience in sheet metal press brake development and manufacturing, and is committed to providing high-quality press brakes and technical service support for domestic and foreign enterprises with various types of sheet metal equipment needs.

Due to the different types of Press Brake machines on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your needs. But don’t worry, KRRASS are here to help!

During the inspection, the salesman of KRRASS showed Praful the details of our press brake. The frame was reinforced, and the slideway was thickened and widened, which ensured the overall stability of the frame and minimized the deflection and deformation during bending. KRRASS has a professional R & D team, strong production capacity and first-class price and quality. With more than 10 years of sheet metal equipment development and design engineers, to ensure that each of our equipment is professional and reliable. We also showed Praful our strong production and assembly lines. We prove that our strong production capacity can meet any capacity and customization needs of customers.

Which press brake machine is right for you?

If you need any questions answered or to discuss your Press Brake requirements for your unique business, please contact us today on 0086 18952087956 or using our online contact form.

We assure Praful that all sheet metal forming equipment produced by KRRASS, including press brakes, shearing machines, slotting machines, etc., have implemented high-standard and high-standard production processes. The quality of sheet metal forming equipment produced by KRRASS can meet the different needs of customers in various regions of the world. Praful also said that this visit is very meaningful, and he looks forward to further cooperation, and also hopes to have more opportunities to visit the KRRASS factory in the future.


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