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CNC Sheet metal bending machine Five selection skills


Considering the following five key factors, it is easy to choose a CNC sheet metal bending machine that suits your needs.

1. Workpiece

CNC sheet metal bending machine

When choosing a CNC bending machine, the first element to consider is the workpiece.You should know the thickness, width, length and material of the processed board. For example, you may need another machine for bending stainless steel and 16-gauge mild steel.Understanding the components of the workpiece will help you choose the right machine.Choose the tonnage according to the workpiece you use, that is, the bending capacity of the bending machine. The length of the table also depends on the workpiece.

2. Punch and die

The punch and die are bending machine dies. They affect the accuracy of the bending process and are therefore important elements to consider.

It is very important to choose the right upper and lower molds according to the workpiece drawings and processing requirements. When you know what the work piece is made of, the press brake punch is another indispensable element.

The material type of the plate will indicate the appropriate punch and die material.

The shape of the workpiece will indicate what the upper mold should be.

The thickness and bending angle of the plate will dictate which die to choose.

Choosing the right mold will also affect the next key factor.

3. Accuracy

Accuracy is another basic element to be aware of. They are reliable in terms of repeatability and molding accuracy.

Compared with manual machines with poor repeatability, they have better repeatability.

In addition, if the correct high-quality mold is selected, the molding accuracy of the machine will be greatly improved.

4. Deformation

When bending a metal plate (especially a long plate), the metal plate will be deformed. Keep this issue in mind when choosing a CNC bending machine.By installing a compensation device on your machine, we can prevent the occurrence of deformation. The equipment can effectively compensate for deformation to ensure accuracy.

5. Price

Last but not least, the cost of CNC bending machine is the last factor to consider. Buying the best machine at the most reasonable price may be important to you.From the point of view of quality and service, choosing a machine provided by a reliable professional manufacturer is the best choice.

When you know what you need, you can buy the right machine according to your budget. Knowing all the previous key factors will help make your decision clearer.In short, the five important factors are the workpiece, die and die, accuracy, deformation, and the price of CNC bending machine. Keeping these five factors in mind, you will find it easy to choose the best CNC bending machine.

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