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Notes on the use of CNC Press Brake supporting mechanism


CNC Press Brake adopts crank connecting rod mechanism, the action depends on the numerical control system to control the opening size of the proportional servo valve to adjust the amount of oil in the cylinder, so as to control the synchronization of the motion speed of the supporting material and the bending speed of the sheet metal.

Before the follow-up material mechanism need to pay attention to the following two aspects: the trajectories of the follow-up material mechanism must be consistent with the sheet over the trajectory of the basic, is to fit closely to bend sheet metal material, whether in the initial period, or during bending, or bending forming and bending machine slider backhaul, follow-up institutions hold bending sheet back to the initial position.

CNC Press Brake

This requires the follow up front supporting mechanism to track the plate in real time during the whole movement process. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider the universality of this mechanism, which has a wider range of use. For different tonnage bending machines, different bending plate thickness and mold opening size need to have certain versatility, so as to have better interchangeability, so as to be more acceptable to users and recognized by the market.

CNC Press Brake maintenance and maintenance:Every boot should clear the foreign body and metal debris on the machine tool and mould check mould installation strong electric switch cable each fastener is not normal, is there any loose before machine maintenance or brush machine, should turn off the upper die alignment after lower die down, until the work is completed, if you need to boot, or other operations, should will choose in manual mode, and to ensure safety.

1. Hydraulic CNC Press Brake oil circuit

A. Lubrication each point daily according to lubrication requirements.
B. Clean the ball screw and rolling guide rail every day and lubricate them.
C. Wipe the residue from the mold every day before work.
D. Clean the filter screen of oil outlet filter regularly.
E. Check the gas and liquid pump tank regularly, replace it after the first use for one month, and then replace the oil according to the specific situation every year, the oil temperature is not less than 10C.
F. Check the oil level of the tank every week, including after the maintenance of the hydraulic system. If the oil level is lower than the oil window, add hydraulic oil;
G. Add yB-N46 hydraulic oil into the tank, which must be filtered by an oil filter less than 10 mesh for more than five times. Refueling can only be done after the tank is cleaned, and the depth is within the range of the tank scale;

2. Filter

A. Every time the oil is changed, the filter should be replaced or cleaned thoroughly;
B. If the machine has related alarm or oil is not clean and other filter abnormalities, it should be replaced;
C. The filter on the fuel tank should be checked and cleaned every 3 months, and it is recommended to replace it every 1 year.

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