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How to program the CNC Press Brake?

How to program and operate the CNC Press Brake? It is best to start with the general Press Brake training, find the feeling, and then carry out the programming and actual operating regulations of the CNC Press Brake according to the instructions for use. It must be step by step, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, the steel parts Pass the job first, then hurry. The whole process of the bending process of the first bending and the adjustment of the radian of the specification should be understood, and then the language of the CNC Press Brake system and the materials can be downloaded on the system online platform for free, and the program flow completed by others can be understood. Self-editing, start with simple.

How to do the programming of CNC Press Brake?

To see which systems you use, generally simple CNC machine tools can be set if the hydraulic cylinder stroke and back gauge specifications are set. If you want to bend multiple steps, you can set each step according to the operating steps of different systems. Required specifications, system circulation system operation; if it is a full CNC machine tool hydraulic servo motor CNC Press Brake, the left and right molds must be set, the thickness of the raw materials, the material, the length, the bending method, the angle of view also has the back gauge specifications, According to different requirements, you can set the speed regulation point, the round-trip aspect ratio, and the hold time. There are also stiffness compensation parameters. The actual operation of each system is often different, so it cannot be generalized.

How to program CNC Press Brake?

1. The first is to switch on the power supply, turn on the power switch on the operation panel, restart the oil pump, then you can hear the rotation of the oil pump.
2, stroke adjustment, the application must pay attention to adjusting the stroke, be sure to detect before bending. Be sure to ensure that there is a plate-thick gap when the lower die is lowered to the bottom. Otherwise it will cause damage to the abrasive equipment. The adjustment of the stroke is performed by electric rapid adjustment.
3, the selection of bending notches, generally to choose the slot thickness of 8 times the total width. If bending a 4mm thick plate, you need to choose 32 notches.
4. The backgauge adjustment usually includes electric rapid adjustment and manual adjustment in the same way as the hydraulic shearing machine.
5. Pressing the button switch just started to bend. The CNC bending machine grinding tool is not the same as the hydraulic shearing machine. It can be loosened anytime, anywhere. It will stop when you loosen your foot and slide down again when you step on it.


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