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What are the precautions for CNC Press Brake lubrication?

CNC Press Brake

CNC Press Brake must be maintained, and naturally CNC lathes are like that. As the equipment for manufacturing equipment, CNC lathes have a key influence in the laser cutting of metal materials. Only after the CNC lathes are properly maintained can they realize the greater economic benefits in manufacturing. For the maintenance of CNC lathes, humidification of CNC lathes is indispensable. Lubricating grease can not only reduce the friction of mechanical equipment, but also can cool down, seal leaks, avoid rust, shock buffer and clean up, etc., improve the life of CNC lathes, many benefits indicate the maintenance of maintenance Great effect.
There are many methods for CNC Press Brake lathe moistening. The common ones are hand-made moisturizing, oil leaking moisturizing, oil rope moisturizing, oil pad moisturizing, natural aspirating moisturizing, suction filtering moisturizing, Oil bath moisturizing, oil ring moisturizing, splash moisturizing, scraper moisturizing, roller moisturizing, spray moisturizing, manual pump oil moisturizing, working pressure circulation system moisturizing, fully automatic timing quantitative analysis moisturizing Welding fume moisturizes these.

The selection of the CNC Press Brake lathe method must be based on the structure of the CNC lathe, the level of automation technology, the load of the CNC lathe application, and comprehensive consideration of the accuracy requirements. In addition, it is necessary to prevent temperature and vibration. The key parts in CNC lathes are more typical mechanical parts, which are standardized, practical, and highly versatile. For example, rolling bearings, roller bearings, transmission gears, worm gear pairs, flip and drag rails, spiral drive system pairs (ball screw nut pairs), clutches, hydraulic drive systems, camshafts, etc., the moistening conditions are different.

Application of CNC Press Brake CNC lathes natural environmental standards: CNC lathes are generally installed in indoor air applications. The maximum working temperature in summer is 40 ° C. When the average winter temperature is less than 0 ° C, heating is used to increase the working temperature to 5-10 ° C . High-precision CNC lathes require constant temperature air-conditioning natural environment, generally around 20 ℃. But because many CNC lathes have high precision requirements and a high degree of automation technology, the requirements for grease viscosity, oxidation resistance (lifetime) and oil cleanliness are more stringent.


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