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CNC press brake price, why is always change?


The reason why the price of CNC bending machine is constantly fluctuating, the price of domestic CNC bending machine has been fluctuating and unstable since January this year. As the period of rapid export growth has passed, exports are still expected to achieve double-digit growth. Optimizing exports The industrial structure is becoming more and more urgent. Under the background of the country’s macroeconomic policy shifting to ensure steady and rapid economic growth, the economic operation of the machinery industry next year may show a trend of low and high. It is still expected to continue to achieve double-digit growth. The “general rise” period in which most companies are easily able to achieve growth has passed. The pressure to upgrade the industrial structure has increased, the business climate differentiation has intensified, and bending machines have been widely used in aviation and automobiles. , Agricultural machinery, electrical machinery, home appliances, hardware and other industries.

CNC press brake price

The power supply of CNC bending machines has been greatly eased in recent years, and due to the ultra-high-speed growth in the output of hydraulic bending machines in recent years, power companies still have a large number of units to be installed. Among the major sub-sectors, the domestic demand of the automotive industry is the most important. After the rapid growth of the market for several years, the impact of the financial crisis on the machinery industry is lagging. It is expected that it will be more fully manifested next year, so it must not be taken lightly.

Nowadays, hydraulic bending machine replaces mechanical bending machine. Because of its large stroke, bending pressure, stroke and speed adjustable, simple and easy to CNC, and many other advantages, advanced sheet metal bending machine only needs simple molds. It can bend various materials at various angles to achieve the required parts. The versatility of the mold is also very strong, and the cost operation is low. It has been widely used in related manufacturing industries such as automobiles, aviation, and ships.

Bending machine is a widely used bending machine. Now it has been completely hydraulicized, and numerical control was realized in the 1980s. The corresponding bending machine mold has also developed rapidly, and it is becoming more and more serious today. Under the economic environment of China, the growth rate will inevitably drop significantly. According to the survey of some key contact enterprises, the cumulative order volume from January to September increased by 27% year-on-year. Although the month-on-month has fallen, there is no major problem in maintaining production this year.

Therefore, it is expected that the automotive industry will bid farewell to the high-speed growth that has continued for many years and return to a steady growth in the next period of time. Bending machines are widely used in various industries such as aviation, automobiles, agricultural machinery, electrical appliances, home appliances, and hardware. Currently, companies hold orders. It is still full. Therefore, it is expected that new orders for thermal power equipment will drop sharply in the next period of time. The execution of signed contracts is likely to be delayed or payment cannot be collected in time.

Electric power companies still have a large number of units to be installed. In recent years, the booming automobile and automobile exports will also be greatly affected by the financial crisis. The period of rapid economic growth has passed, and the factors of increasing expenditure and decreasing profit have appeared concentratedly, transforming the extensive growth mode Increased pressure. The period of continuous and ultra-high-speed growth of the shearing machine industry has passed, the turning point has appeared, and the “tight days” must be prepared in the future. Therefore, bending machine companies should adjust their product structure according to market demand and the price of bending machines to diversify their products. To meet different mechanical forging and pressing, and adjust the price of the bending machine appropriately.

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