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CNC Press Brake exhibited at the Ukrainian Industrial Exhibition


From November 24 to November 27, 2020, the The International Industrial Forum opened at the IEC International Exhibition Center. As a leader in the sheet metal equipment industry, Nanjing Krrass CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. also participated in this exhibition. Its Ukrainian agent STAN COMPLEKT joined hands with Klaus’s hot-selling products to appear on the exhibition site, including CNC press brake, hydraulic presse brake,fiber laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, plate rolling machines, etc. Its excellent product quality and black and white appearance attracted many participants to consult.

CNC press brake

All the exhibiting machines, our PBT-80T2500 hydraulic press Brake, have countless fans. This hydraulic press is Krrass’s flagship product, with powerful performance and high cost performance, and has won unanimous praise from overseas customers. Below it’s the detailed introduction of this hydraulic press:

CNC press brake

CNC press brake Main Features:

  • Streamlineddesign originated from EU, heat treatment of machine frame, high rigidity workbench and optional mechanical crowning device ensure the bending precision.
  • Hydraulic synchronous control cooperating with programmable Cyb‐Touch 6 controller ensures precise repeatability and easy operation.
  • Integrated hydraulic system (Germany‐Bosch Rexroth)  supports automatically turn to slow bending  status quickly.
  • X,Y‐axes can be positioned accurately through CNC programming system,  servo drive and servo  motor.
  • Latest servo responding hydraulic control technology, more stable and reliable.
  • Optimal parameter ratio, best core configuration ensures performance reliable and operation convenience.
  • PBT standard configuration: single‐axes backgauge system, single‐axes angle‐bending system, V-axis crowning function, cooperating with suitable dies, any type irregular workpieces can be done easily.

CNC press brake Main Configuration:

  • SwitzerlandCyb‐Touch 6 double servo controller.
  • Controllercontrol and adjust X,Y axes.
  • Servodrive control X,Y axes.
  • HIWINball screw and linear guide rail with accuracy of 0.05mm.
  • Front support bracket.
  • GermanyBosch Rexroth hydraulic valve block.
  • GermanyEMB tubing connector.
  • GermanySiemens main motor.
  • FranceSchneider electrics.
  • Hydraulicand electric overload protecon.
  • Upperand lower dies (86°, R0.6mm, Material: 42CrMo).

SwitzerlandCyb‐Touch 6 CNC controller

  • Largescreen display, HD and high contrast touch screen.
  • Convenientinterface, HD display and large icon buon.
  • EasyBend page: one‐step bending is very convenient.
  • Soundprograms can significantly improve multi‐step bending efficiency, especially in mass production.
  • Friendlysoware interface: offer online help and prompts.
  • Supportmulple languages.
  • Datacan be updated and transmied through computer.
  • Automacallycalculate mulple bending plans according to the material.
  • Canstore multi‐steps bending programs and products.
  • Angle,pressure and an‐deflection control.
  • Bendingcan be calculated automacally
  • Diedepth calculaon
  • Bending‐angleand backgauge calibration

CNC press brake Technical parameters

No. Name Unit 80T/2500
1 Bending Pressure KN 800
2 Max. Length of Plate mm 2500
3 Distance Between Uprights mm 1990
4 Throat Depth mm 300
5 Slider Stroke mm 100
6 Max. Opening Height mm 320
7 Y‐axis Down Speed mm / sec 80
8 Y‐axis Return Speed mm / sec 70
9 Angle Accuracy (′) 0.5
10 X‐axis Max. Distance mm 500
11 Workpiece Straightness mm 0.5
12 Backgauge Accuracy mm/m 0.05
13 Front Supporting Arms pcs 2
14 Back Stopper pcs 2
15 Main Motor Kw 7.5
16 CNC Controller - Cyb‐Touch6
17 Outline Dimension (L*W*H)mm 2500*1400*2300
18 Weight Kg 5000

The International Industrial Forum is the largest industrial exhibition in Ukraine. It is held once a year and has been successfully held for 14 sessions. It is the largest and internationally renowned industrial exhibition in Ukraine. A total of 321 exhibitors came from 27 countries, attracting a total of 9,207 professional buyers to visit the transaction. Participating countries are Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, Taiwan, etc.

Nanjing Krrass Machinery Co., Ltd. (Krrass) is a cooperative company with Singapore’s Krrass, which is dedicated to development, production and sales of sheet metal equipment with over 200 years of history.Krrass was formerly known as GMS and so far has set up branches in China, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia to sell products and provide services throughout the world.

Through this exhibition, the Krrass brand’s popularity has been further expanded, and the global market has been continuously explored. After the epidemic, many industries have reshuffled, and Claus need to adapt to the changes of the times, be flexible, and strive for excellence.Constantly enrich sheet metal integration solutions,and specialized in the field of sheet metal machinery manufacturing, consistently providing stable and reliable products as well as considerate services for customers.With no distractions and keep focus, we strive to improve our products, lead the way of innovation, and create more  new situations in the CNC sheet metal machinery industry,strive to make Krrass a world-renowned machinery brand!

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