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What is DELEM DA66S CNC Press Brake controller?

Delem DA-66S Controller

Recently, the well-known Dutch manufacturer DELEM released the CNC press brake DA-66S control system. KRRASS got the introduction information of the system at the first time. We will share it with you in the form of a PDF document. You can customize it on our website Browse, or choose to download it locally for viewing.

Introducing DA-66S

The DA-66S control combines solid fundamental press brake control functionality with the latest of enhancements increasing productivity. Next to highest accuracies,ease-of-use for the operator it makes today’s press brakes more versatile than ever. Integration of machines in the manufacturing process chain is what it is all about.

The control operation, based on state-of-the-art industrial touch screen technology, gives access to the proven renewed Delem user-interface and enables direct navigation between programming and production. Functions are directly located where you need them, offering optimised ergonomics throughout the application.

State-of-art function complete

The DA-66S offers 2D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations giving true feedback on the product feasibility and handling.

Highly effective control algorithms optimise the machine cycle and minimise set-up time. The required application configuration can easily be adapted using the modular concept and scaling functionality.

The proven real-time Linux operating system enables strong integration with the application and is a sturdy base for maximum reliability. Smooth start-ups are ensured, even after instant shut-off.

The OEM-panel located above the screen,reserved for machine functions and OEM-application switches, is integrated in the design and can be used depending on the required application.

DA-66S features

  • 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
  • 3D visualisation in simulation and production mode
  • 24″high resolution colour TFT
  • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability andadaptivity)
  • USB, peripheral interfacing
  • Support for Industry 4.0 connectivity (OPC-UA optional)
  • Shop floor control, Job list functionality
  • Open system architecture
  • Sensor bending & correction interface
  • Profile-SL offline software

Specifications DA-66S

Product configuration


  • Colour LCD display
  • 24″TFT, high brightness
  • 1920 x1080 pixels, 32 bit colour
  • Full touch screen control
  • Storage capacity 2 GB
  • 3D graphics acceleration
  • Network connectivity
  • Emergency switch
  • Integrated OEM-panel
  • USB flash memory drive
  • Profile-SL offline software
Panel type housing DA-66S-P
Panel type housing DA-66S-P

Ordering information

  • DA-66S
  • DA-66S-P,CNC panel version

Factory option

  • Panel version

Field options

  • Part support control
  • X1-X2 angle programming
  • Barcode reader interfacing
  • Protractor interfacing
  • Frame deflection compensation
  • Sensor bending & correction interfacing
  • Sheet thickness measurement and compensation system
  • DXF import support
  • ACP(Additional Control Panel)
  • OPC-UA interface

Technical specification


  • Real-time Linux embedded OS
  • Multitasking environment
  • Instant Shut Off
  • Delem Modusys compatible

Electrical / interfacing

  • Power supply: 24V
  • Modusys HSB bus
  • RS232 port(2x)
  • Network interface (3x)
  • USB port (2x)
  • Protractor interfacing
  • Angle control interfacing


  • Servo- / 2 speed AC contro
  • Unipolar / frequency inverter control
  • Direct pressure valve control
  • Direct proportional valve Y1, Y2 control
  • Direct crowning control
  • Multiple digital function outputs
  • Tandem operation (multiple)


  • Housing 611x547x123 mm
  • Panel version 596x402x63 mm
  • Design, glass surface, aluminium edge
  • IP54
  • Weight approx.14.5 kg (incl. housing)9 kg (panel version)


  • Alphanumeric product naming
  • Real-scale product programming and visualisation
  • Job list functionality
  • Automatic bend sequence calculation in 2D and 3D
  • Easy graphical bend sequence swap and move
  • Hemmed products programming
  • One page programming table
  • Graphical product and tool selection
  • Programmable material properties
  • Programmable axis speed
  • Free material programming
  • Product & tool search filter
  • Millimetres/Inches, kN/Ton selection
  • Stock counter
  • Product notes


  • Graphical tool configuration
  • Multiple tool station set-ups
  • Tool segmentation visualisation
  • Alphanumeric toolidentification
  • Free graphical tool programming
  • Hemming tools
  • Radius tools
  • Tool adapter support
  • DXF tool import (optional)


  • Tooling safety zones
  • Press force
  • Bend allowance
  • Crowning adjustment
  • Developed length
  • Bottoming force
  • Hemming force
  • Auto bumping calculation
  • Radius programming
  • Bend allowance table
  • Tool configuration
  • Tool segmentation
  • Learned angle correction database


  • ‘Teach-in’on all axes
  • Handwheel movement of all axes
  • Operator selectable dialogue languages
  • Integrated help functions
  • Error messaging system
  • Diagnostic program
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Software OEM panel
  • User specific applications support
  • Machine time + stroke counter
  • On board Analysis Tool
  • Sequencer functionality (PLC)
  • SafetyPLC interfacing

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