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CNC fiber laser cutting machine vs. YAG laser cutting machine – Comparison

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC fiber laser cutting machine has advantages of high quality, high efficiency and low maintenance cost, but the price is higher than YAG laser cutting machine. If you need the accuracy and efficiency, you can choose a fiber laser machine, if the funds are insufficient, you can choose a YAG laser machine.

CNC  Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC  Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The fiber laser generator is a newly developed new type of fiber laser that outputs high-energy-density laser beams, which are concentrated on the surface of the workpiece to instantly melt and vaporize the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the workpiece, and move the spot through the CNC mechanical system Realize automatic cutting by irradiating position, fast speed and high precision.

The fiber laser cutting machine is to dope the pump material into the fiber, after the laser coupling of the specific wavelength announced by the semiconductor laser. Make the fiber produce laser light. The high photoelectric conversion rate can reach twice that of carbon dioxide. And there is an advantage when cutting thin metal sheets, because the light announced by the fiber laser is a wavelength of 1070 nanometers, so the absorption rate is higher.

The main feature of the fiber laser cutting machine is that it can cut out very complex graphics, and the cutting cost is low. Because it is a non-contact cutting, the deformation of the workpiece is small and the product quality is good. Therefore, the fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for various industries such as electronics, printing, cars, medical equipment, shipbuilding, aviation, etc. The processable materials include micro-machining of heart stents and computer memory chips, to deep penetration welding of thick pipe walls.

Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in machinery, sheet metal, electronic circuits, textiles and clothing, leather shoes and bags, car accessories, hardware tools, medical equipment, digital products, instruments, gold and silver jewelry, craft gifts, etc.

YAG Laser Cutting machine

YAG laser cutting machine uses a focused high-power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, so that the irradiated material quickly melts, vaporizes, ablates or reaches the ignition point, and at the same time blows away the molten material with the help of the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam to achieve the the workpiece is cut open. Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods.

YAG metal laser cutting machine is a laser equipment specially designed for metal cutting. It is suitable for all kinds of metal materials (including rare metals), electroplating materials, coating materials, spraying materials, plastic rubber, resin, ceramic marking and thin plate cutting.

Summary of their respective advantages and disadvantages

  1. The cutting speed: the speed of the CNC fiber laser cutting machine is 4-5 times of YAG, suitable for a large number of processing and production.
  2. The cost: the cost of fiber laser cutting machine cutting less than YAG solid laser.
  3. The photoelectric conversion efficiency: photoelectric conversion efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine is about 10 times of YAG laser cutting machine.

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