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Choosing the Right Press Brake: Electric vs. Hydraulic – Exploring the Pros and Cons

KRRASS Hybrid PBE CNC Press Brake

When a company decides to replace their outdated press brake in the fabrication business, they often face a dilemma of choosing the right one. The reason for this confusion lies in the diverse technological advancements of press brake available in the market today.

Currently, we have electric, hybrid, and traditional hydraulic press brake. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, which, if carefully examined, can help you find the perfect press brake to suit your needs. In this article, we will focus on the comparison between the standard electric brake and the hydraulic press brake.

Electric VS Hydraulic press brakes


Experts suggest that electric press brakes use approximately twice as much electrical energy as hydraulic press brakes to achieve the same tonnage. However, the hydraulic motors, pumps, and oil used in hydraulic press brakes keep the machine running continuously, even during idle periods. Therefore, electric brakes are more efficient and consume less power since the motor operates only during bending and turns off during idle time.


Maintaining hydraulic press brake, such as oil and filter changes, fixing seal and line leaks, etc., adds to the expenses of using hydraulic press brake. Additionally, due to the variable viscosity of the hydraulic press oil, the angle achieved at the beginning of the day may differ from that at the end of the day. This can result in more scrap material being produced, as additional trials are needed for the same bend. Moreover, the continuous energy consumption by the gear pump during idle time increases the cost of using hydraulic press brake. To enhance efficiency, some people install energy-saving features like timers and variable displacement pumps. These mechanisms stop the main motor during idle time to reduce costs, and should be considered when purchasing a hydraulic press brake.


Hydraulic press machines have a faster approach speed compared to electric presses but have slower ram acceleration and deceleration during positioning due to the oil-powered motor. As a result, electric presses have a quicker output with higher bending speed.


As mentioned earlier, hydraulic pumps operate continuously even when the machine is turned off. If you prioritize fuel efficiency and cleaner energy, hydraulic pumps may not be the best option. Furthermore, hydraulic presses generate noise throughout the day while in operation, whereas electric presses are silent when not in use, with only the sound of the spinning ball screw when in operation. In terms of immediate environmental concerns, hydraulic presses (although not frequently) can also cause oil spills in the fabrication shop, which can have detrimental effects on the local community. These factors, combined with the lower power consumption of electric press brakes, make them more environmentally friendly compared to traditional hydraulic press brakes.


Electric press brakes offer higher precision than hydraulic press brakes. Experts claim that electric press brakes can achieve accuracy up to 0.000079 inches or 1 micron, while hydraulic press brakes can reach accuracy up to 0.0004 inches (10.16 microns). 

The advantage of hybrid motors

Hybrid press brakes also utilize hydraulics but without gear pumps. They typically incorporate a servo electric drive that controls the flow to the cylinders. On electric press brakes, electric motors regulate the ram’s movement through belt or gear mechanisms that drive ball screws. Generally, hybrid or electric press brakes are up to 20 to 30 percent more energy efficient than traditional hydraulic press brakes. Although electric machines have relatively high bending speeds, they are not as fast as hydraulic machines in terms of approach or retraction speed. However, they provide a great middle ground between the two types and can achieve accuracies of up to 4 microns. KRRASS offers some of the finest press brakes on the market. While electric and hybrid models have their advantages, KRRASS heavy-duty brakes are ideal for high-tonnage applications. For more information, please visit KRRASS’s Hydraulic Press Brakes.

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