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China shearing Machine Position Check Instruction and Classification Angle

guillotine Shears

Kind of shearing This kind of China shearing Machine is not unfamiliar to everyone, because it is not only onemachine, but also the website product and the key word, so it is necessary to carry on its study work, in order to be fully familiar with and understand it. And next, will carry on its knowledge to explain the work, will achieve the above purpose.

1.Are the shearing Machine and NC punching machine the same?

Although the shearing Machine and the NC puncher are equipped with the NC system, they are different in essence. The former is used for blanking and the latter for blanking, blanking, stretching, bending and shaping. So these two devices, in terms of functionality, are different. Therefore, the answer to this question is different.

China shearing Machine

2.The position of the CNC Sharing Machine, what is it exactly?

On the China CNC shearing Machine, its position proofreading, its specific word, refers to the position proofreading of backstop. For example, the X-axis positioning dimension of the rear stopper shown on the NC is 50mm, but in fact, it is 49mm or 51mm, or other values, with a certain deviation. At this point, it is necessary to proofread, in order to correct the numerical value, so as to eliminate deviation, so as to avoid problems.

3.What is the classification of CNC shearing Machine? In addition, before the feed, the China CNC shearing Machine to a few meters? CNC shearing Machine classification, generally speaking, is not divided by machine tonnage, is divided by shearing thickness and length. And this kind of shearing machine before the feed, then, it can be added to 2 meters, there is no problem. In addition, with the pre – leveling machine, also can achieve accurate positioning.

It can be said that these problems are very important and fundamental to the China CNC shearing Machine, and at the same time, we must know and master it, because it may be encountered in the actual work, so, there will be this specific requirement. Moreover, only in this way can problems be solved timely and smoothly, so as not to affect the normal use of the China CNC shearing Machine.

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