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China Shearing Machine Suppliers Supp of Display Performance

China Shearing Machine Suppliers Supp of Display Performance

China Shearing Machine Suppliers is a form of hydraulic shearing machine, because it mainly carries on the circular arc motion, and the circular arc cutter making process is quite difficult. In general, we usually use the cutter to make the pad iron supplement, so the gap of the shearing machine is not accurate, and the sheet material is not very ideal. Because of the arc motion, the cutter cannot be made into a rectangle but should be made into an acute angle, so the force of the cutter in this machine tool is not very ideal, and the damage degree of the cutter is also relatively serious.

Although Hydraulic Swing Guillotine Shears have some disadvantages, but it also has many other advantages that the shearing shears do not have, as follows:

Hydraulic drive, swing type knife rest, the whole frame welding is firm and durable, use accumulator oil cylinder return journey is smooth and rapid.

It has the function of steepless adjustment of stroke. The upper cutter has two edges and the lower cutter has four.

Safety guard and electric interlock ensure safe operation

The pressure plate of the machine tool adopts independent hydraulic pressure presser, and the end of each presser has plastic foot

Special NC controller for the backgauge, Shear times have digital display device

The rolling stock device can reduce friction and ensure the surface of workpiece is not scratched.

All steel welded structure, vibration stress relief, high strength, good rigidity.

Hydraulic transmission type, stable and reliable

The above is the advantage of hydraulic swing shearing machine. Although our shearing machine has some disadvantages, we should use different types of shearing machine for different demands.



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