Y41 Hydraulic Fast Press

Hydraulic Press for sale
Hydraulic Press for sale

1. Main Features:

  1. Computer optimized structure design: single-arm C-frame, high rigidity, simple structure, easy use.
  2. Integrated welding, the structure and all welding parts are treated by tempering to eliminate internal stress.
  3. Two-way cartridge valve integrated system: long service life, reliable, low hydraulic impact, and reduce the pipeline leaking points.
  4. The hydraulic system is equipped with pressure pre-relief device to minimize hydraulic shock power.
  5. Independent electric control system: reliable, intuitive and convenient maintenance.
  6. Button centralized control: manual or semi-auto adjustment.
  7. Slider working pressure, no-loading fast down speed and slow pressing travel range are adjustable according to technology requirements.
  8. With hands-on control and programmable logic control, upper slider equipped with lubrication-free sliding device.

2. Standard Accessories:

  • Photoelectric protection device
  • TPC touch screen industrial display
  • PLC programming control
  • With travel and speed control system
  • Cooling device, displacement sensor
  • With constant travel and pressure function
  • Germany Siemens main motor
  • France Schneider electrics
  • Hydraulic & electric overload protection

3. Safety Standards:

  • Safety Standard(2006/42/EC)
  • Open door cuts off power
  • Metal safety guard, CE standard
  • Safety relay monitor pedal switch, safety protection

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