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Advantages and disadvantages of CNC Press Brake

KRRASS electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake

Electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake is a kind of press brake which is controlled by servo motor as actuating device, and controlled by CNC system combined with grating ruler’s feedback data to control the flow ratio of the two main cylinders to make CNC press brake’s slider move synchronously. Are you clear with characteristics of this kind of press brake? If you are not clear, take a look at the following introduction.

What are the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake?

  1. Hydraulic control system such as proportional electro-hydraulic servo valve and grating ruler are used to form closed-loop control of the main cylinders on both sides of the electro-hydraulic servo press brake, which are independently limited by CNC controller of the CNC press brake. It can give accurate data to ensure accuracy of the slider’s movement of CNC press brake.
  2. Hydraulic sheet metal bending machine has high strength and good rigidity. Hydraulic double cylinder upper transmission, mechanical block, torque shaft synchronization, are stable and reliable , and has high precision. The rear stop distance and slider stroke of CNC hydraulic press brake adopt electric adjustment and manual fine adjustment, and equipped with digital display device, easy to use.
  3. CNC hydraulic press brake is configured with special CNC system for bending machine. With multi-step programming function, CNC hydraulic press brake can realize the automatic operation of multi-step program, continuous positioning, and automatic and accurate adjustment of the position of the rear stop and slider. CNC hydraulic press brake counts bending times , has real-time display of the number of processing and power memory after the stop slider position, program and parameters. The rear stopper of CNC press brake adopts imported ball screw and linear guide rail to ensure the positioning accuracy of the rear stopper, and the machine processing accuracy of CNC press brake is higher.
  4. The hydraulic servo CNC press brake uses the servo motor as the actuator, so the motor of CNC press brake has no action and no power consumption when the bending operation is not carried out, and CNC press brake is a product which is very in line with the requirements of modern environmental protection and energy saving. The motion of the servo motor is more controllable, so the processing accuracy of CNC press brake is higher, and electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake can well adapt to the production needs of the industry with increasing workpiece accuracy.

What are the characteristics of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake?

  1. The electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake adopts the hydraulic convex automatic compensation system to solve the influence of the deformation of the slider on the workpiece quality during the bending process with CNC press brake. The compensation quantity is automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, which is convenient and accurate by CNC press brake.
  2. The electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake adopts a fully functional rear stop mechanism, which can choose to control multiple rear stop shafts when CNC press brake operating. A functional part in the rear baffle of CNC press brake , such as the guide rail, lead screw, bearing, etc. are imported to ensure the accuracy of the backstop.
  3. The body of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake adopts the whole welded structure, which is easy to transport and easy to process, and can ensure the accuracy of the CNC press brake.
  4. The important parts of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake, such as the body and slider, are analyzed by ANSYS finite element analysis software to ensure the reliability of the CNC press brake machine tool.
  5. The hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake adopts the integrated control system imported from Germany, which reduces the installation of pipelines, improves the working stability of the CNC press brake machine tool and CNC press brake has a beautiful and simple appearance.

Which press brake machine is right for you?

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