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4000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine technical parameters


4000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

RAS-3015 4000W Fiber laser cutting machine is specially designed for high-speed, high- quality cutting of various types of sheet metal and cutting of various cross- section metal pipes and profiles. This series of machines is specially designed for small and medium enterprises. Reliable components from the world’s leading companies, excellent design solutions and assembly quality make this model a sharp contrast with competitors manufacturers of similar equipment. The model can be equipped with a laser source with a power of 500 W to 8KW(Raycus / IPG /Max/other brands).

Item Description
Positioning: 110m/min
Acceleration 1.5G
Laser sources: Ipg,Max,Raycus

4000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Features

  • Low operating cost and energy consumption
  • Globally recognized high performance components
  • Precise cuts and high durability
  • High profit margin
  • Perfect results on variety of material
  • Efficient and precise cuts on thick and thin material

Standard Configuration

  • Ipg/Raycus/Max laser source
  • Switzerland Raytools/wsx cutting head
  • Japan shimpo reducer
  • Japan Panasonic servo motor
  • HIWIN linear guide and screw ball
  • FScut control system
  • France Schneider electric

1. The above-mentioned devices is our standard , if have some other requirement or options , please let us know.
2.Two years warranty for whole machine except fiber cable, lens, mirror and other consumable parts. Force majeure clause like natural disaster, war, human factor are also excluded.

Technical parameter

MaterialsMaximum Thickness(mm)Can Cutting Thickness
Mild Steel 2522
Stainless Steel1412
NoItemPartUnitRAS-3015 (4000w)
3 Effective Travel X Axismm1505
Y Axis3005
Z Axis150
4 Positional Accuracy X Axismm ±0.04
Y Axis ±0.04
Z Axis±0.01
5Repeated Positioning Accuracy X Axismm±0.03
Y Axis±0.03
Z Axis±0.005
6Re-positioning Speed X Axism/min110
Y Axis110
Z Axis110

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