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Krrass 3000W fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Krrass 3000W fiber laser cutting machine direct sales with the continuous development of society, gradually mature, processing equipment and technology has made great progress, 3000W fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in the automotive industry, advertising industry, kitchen industry, sheet metal processing, cabinet industry, fitness equipment and other industries, thin-plate laser cutting machine in the advertising industry application is good, but at present, the overall gross margin of the domestic advertising industry, low-end overcapacity, homogeneity competition is increasingly serious. Major advertising companies are looking for breakouts. How to increase profit while grabbing market share has become a difficult problem for advertising enterprises to consider.

3000W fiber laser cutting machine has several types of cutting?

1. vaporization cutting

Plate in the laser cutter high-power high density laser beam heating, the material surface temperature accelerates the heating, can reduce the heat transfer caused by the material melting problem. As a result, some of the materials in direct contact vaporize and some materials are blown away by auxiliary gases.

2. melting cutting

fiber laser cutting machineWhen the laser beam power density of the laser cutter incident reaches a certain value, the material at the light exposure point begins to evaporate, forming a hole. Once this hole is formed, it absorbs the ejection beam energy as a black body. The hole is surrounded by a wall of molten metal, and the air flow with the beam coaxing the melting material around the hole is taken away. As the workpiece moves, the hole moves synchronously in the cutting direction to form a seam. The laser beam of the laser cutter continues to shine along the seam, and the molten material is continuously or pulsating lying away from the seam.

A few common problems.

  1. 3000W fiber laser cutting machine direct sales equipment dynamic characteristics and acceleration.
    The dynamic characteristicis is simple to say is the contour accuracy of high-speed cutting parts. Theoretically, the greater the acceleration of the machine, the better the dynamic characteristics of the machine!
    The standard method of labeling acceleration is based on a single-axis acceleration labelmethod, such as germany’s Express to label a single-axis acceleration of 1.5g. And at present, many enterprises in the market using composite acceleration labels such as: 2-3g, to identify the acceleration of the authenticity of the method: is high-speed cutting a more complex part, look at the cutting time;
  2. Welded steel beams and cast aluminum beams (aluminum alloy cold pull-up beam) which is good?
    The machine to obtain good dynamic characteristics, in the case of beam rigidity, the lighter the better!
    At present, the mainstream brand uses beams are usually cast aluminum beams or aluminum alloy cold-pulled beams, cast aluminum beams have good shock absorption performance, so the use of more.
    Metal laser cutter.

Krrass laser factory from the fiber laser cutting machine welding, gantry processing center finishing milling, spraying, assembly is the factory independent lying, there is a strict quality control process, quality assurance. The machine anneals de-stress treatment, normal use for 15 years without deformation. Welcome to the factory inspection!

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