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3000W Fiber laser cutting machine cutting focus positioning methods

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the development of laser technology and the continuous improvement of human material level, 3000W fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in all walks of life, especially the requirements of arts and crafts are continuously refined. The continuous accuracy of the laser cutting machine is inseparable. However, when using laser cutting equipment, do you know how the focus of the laser cutting machine is positioned? The first step of cutting is to find a good focus position.

1. The focus is positioned on the surface of the workpiece

fiber laser cutting machine

In the fiber laser cutting machine, the surface of the workpiece has different smoothness. Generally speaking, the cutting surface close to the focus is relatively smooth, while the lower surface far away from the cutting focus is rough.

This mode should be determined according to the process requirements of the upper surface and the lower surface in the actual application.

2. The focus is positioned inside the workpiece

This method is also called positive focal length. When the workpiece you need to cut is stainless steel or aluminum steel plate, the mode that the cutting point is inside the workpiece is often used. But one disadvantage of this approach is that since the focus is far away from the cutting surface, the cutting width is relatively larger than the cutting point on the surface of the workpiece. At the same time, the cutting airflow required in this mode is greater, the temperature is sufficient, and the cutting and piercing time is slightly longer.
So when you choose the material of the workpiece is mainly stainless steel or aluminum and other hard materials, choose it.

3. Focus on the workpiece

This method is mainly used for cutting materials with high thickness, and the focus is positioned above the cutting material, mainly because the thick plate requires a large cutting width, otherwise the oxygen delivered by the nozzle is extremely easily lead to insufficient and cause the cutting temperature to drop. The disadvantage of this method is that the cutting surface is relatively rough, which is not practical for high-precision cutting.

Method for locating focus position in processing and production:

Numerical control positioning and dotting method (printing method): The cutting head is moved from top to bottom, and laser beam printing is performed on the plastic plate, with the smallest printing diameter as the focus.

In addition, an independent lower axis for moving the lens is added to the fiber laser cutting machine cutting head, which is two independent parts from the axis that controls the distance from the nozzle to the surface of the material. When the machine tool table moves or light axis moves, the beam moves from the proximal end to the distal axis at the same time, so that the beam spot diameter remains the same in the entire processing area after the beam is focused.

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