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How to extend the life of 1KW fiber laser cutting machine


No matter what industry, as long as you use the machine equipment, it will appear aging after long-term work, and even frequent failures. Fiber laser cutting machines are no exception as high-tech products.

In the market entity-type economic competition, all enterprise companies have unswervingly sprinted production performance, but while sprinting performance, they often neglect the use of machinery and equipment, which is also the cause of equipment aging damage.

1KW Fiber laser cutting machine

Lasers are easy-to-earth parts in the components of fiber laser cutting machines, so both operators and business owners should pay attention to their daily use.

So how do you slow down the aging of the fiber laser cutting machine? In fact, the power reduction of the fiber laser cutting machine is roughly due to two reasons. We must read it carefully, which will greatly help to increase the life of the fiber laser cutting machine. This is also increasing the productivity of your business.

First, the machine needs to regularly check and maintain the external light path of the laser generator. In fact, after a period of continuous use of the fiber laser cutting machine, the power will decrease. When the power drops to affect production, the laser and the external light path are maintained. When the maintenance is completed, the cutting ability will return to the factory level.

Second, the environment and conditions at the production site have a large impact on the power of the fiber laser cutting machine. Such as the quality of compressed air. There are many dusts and smog at the production site. Some users put the painting work near the fiber laser cutting machine, which will affect the power of the fiber laser cutting machine, which will lead to the decline of cutting quality and cutting ability.

How to remedy the above problems? KRRASS laser answers you:

First, regularly clean the dust and dirt inside the 1KW Fiber laser cutting machine, you can use the vacuum cleaner to pick up, do it every five days!

Second, check the steel strip once a week, and tighten it. Failure to do so may result in a strain on the operator. The steel strip looks small, but the power after the failure is not small, the problem is very serious, we must pay attention to it.

Third, often clean each rail, clean up dust and other debris, let the fiber laser cutting machine run normally.

Fourth, often rub the rack, regularly add lubricants, lubrication and no debris. Reduce rack wear.

In summary, the regular maintenance and maintenance of the 1KW Fiber laser cutting machine can delay the aging of the equipment and increase the service life, which in turn saves the production cost, so that the enterprise will have room for development.

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