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14ft Vertical V Gooving Machine in saudi arabia

HRK-1600X4200 V Groover machine

A vertical V-grooving machine is a tool used to cut a V-shaped groove into a material, typically wood or aluminum. It is commonly used in the construction industry for creating decorative or functional V-grooves in panels, doors, or other flat surfaces.

The machine consists of a vertical spin

dle with a V-shaped cutting blade attached to it. The material to be grooved is placed on a table or work surface, and the spindle is lowered into the material to cut the groove. The depth of the groove can be adjusted, allowing for precise and consistent cuts.

There’s no better partner, than KRRASS!

This vertical v grooving machine is equipped with 4 blades. The width of the groove is 1600mm and the length is 4200mm.

HRK-1600X4200 V Groover machine for KRRASS
HRK-1600X4200 V Groover machine for KRRASS

Main Technical Parameters:

No. Content Required Parameter
1 Model HRK1600-4200
2 Plate Thickness 0.4-6mm
3 Plate Length X Width 1600x4200mm
4 Grooving Speed/Speed is changeable or not 5M-70M/min ( The speed is changeable)
5 Feeding Speed 0.5-20M/min
6 Min. Setting Unit in Y-axis 0.01mm
7 Positioning Precision in Y-axis ±0.05mm
8 Min. Setting Unit in X-axis 0.01mm
9 Positioning Precision in X-axis ±0.05mm
10 Min. Setting Unit in Z-axis 0.01mm
11 Positioning Precision in Z-axis ±0.02mm
12 X-axis Motor Power 4.5KW
13 Y-axis Motor Power 2KW
14 Z-axis Motor Power 0.4KW
15 Workbench Planeness ±0.01mm
16 Feeding Way Back feeding
17 Workbench is replaceable or not Replaceable ( Exchangeable as well )
18 Workbench is quenched or not Yes
19 Number of Cutter 4 PCS
20 Max. Depth for one-time Grooving 1.0mm
21 Max. Grooving Depth 3.0mm
22 Outline Dimension  5800*3250*2100mm
23 Weight  11600kg

Main Configuration of the machine:

No. Name Manufacturer Name
1 CNC Controller Mitsubishi – Japan
2 Servo Motor Easycat – Taiwan
3 Servo Drive Easycat – Taiwan
4 Speed Reducer AMD- Taiwan
5 High-precise Ball Screw AMD- Taiwan
6 High-precise Linear Guide Rail HIWIN – Taiwan
7 Touching Ball Bearing NSK – Japan
8 Grooving Cutter SECO – Sweden
9 Electrical Element Schneider – France
10 Power Cable IGUS – Germany
11 Rack YYC – Taiwan
12 Gear YYC – Taiwan
Overall, a vertical V-grooving machine is a versatile and powerful tool that allows craftsmen to create precise and attractive V-shaped grooves in various materials.

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