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100ton CNC hydraulic bending machine mode installing and debugging


The 100ton CNC hydraulic bending machine mold is composed of many parts, so special attention should be paid to the installation and repeated debugging when it is completed. Generally, when we install and adjust the mold of the bending machine, it will be divided into five parts to complete.

CNC hydraulic bending machine

  1. The adjustment of the machine. Before installation, the performance of the machine must be adjusted first. This process must be carried out patiently and carefully. Check whether the machine has dust and used iron scraps, etc., and carry out necessary cleaning to reduce Later troubles.
  2. Adjust the stroke of the slider. Pay attention to check the thickness of the mold and check whether the ratio of the upper and lower modules is normal. Normally, the module should be controlled at the switch point of the stroke line. This must be paid attention to.
  3. The adjustment of the stroke module is to adjust the upper limit point of the module. When the module is up to the highest point, set the switch and reserve the position of the slider, and at the same time, decelerate when going down. Module to better protect the machine and bending machine mold.
  4. The adjustment of the gap is mainly to measure the distance between the upper module and the lower module. The specific gap setting is determined according to the folded plate.
  5. Angle adjustment. The adjustment of this angle has a certain relationship with the product. Generally speaking, when the 90° mold is folded, the middle angle must be greater than the angle on both sides. Then its tightness can be carried out according to the adjustment screw. At the time, the pressure can be adjusted through the pressure gauge to avoid die chipping.

The above is the method of correctly installing and debugging the mold of the 100ton CNC hydraulic bending machine, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. The mold of the 100-ton hydraulic bending machine is divided into an upper mold and a lower mold, which are used for sheet metal stamping forming and separating molds.

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