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1000W Fiber laser ctting machine is widely applied in aerospace fields

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1000w Fiber laser cutting machine cut are widely used in the aerospace field now, which provides a lot of convenience for the processing and production of the aerospace field now.

1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

As the manufacturing of aircraft engine, is now a highly complex and sophisticated thermal mechanical, every manufacture extremely harsh, the materials needed to sort withstand high temperature hot, at the same time also need to bear the pressure of powerful, any error is the plane that are a direct result of failure.Now the design and manufacturing of aero engine is very complex, which covers tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of small parts, a large number of titanium alloy, high temperature gold, stainless steel and other non-metallic special coating, these materials are not only specific hardness is high, brittle, but also has high melting point, low thermal conductivity characteristics.

Like the inside of the turbine blade not only shape and special, but also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, if the conventional processing method is not only complex operation, but also difficult to achieve the process requirements, so this requires the use of the current high-tech means – laser technology laser cutting machine.

Now the laser technology, with the continuous maturity of technical means, as well as the development of related industries, laser industry technology is more and more widely used in the field of aerospace.And laser cutting technology as an important technology in the application of laser technology, in the field of aerospace applications, especially in the field of aviation engine applications are particularly extensive.

Because laser cutting has high precision, fast processing speed, small thermal impact, no mechanical effect and other characteristics, so in many aspects of the manufacture of aero-engine are applied, from the inlet of the aero-engine to the exhaust nozzle have the need to be applied to the current laser cutting technology.

Adopt now laser cutting technology solved a number of aircraft engine difficult-to-machine materials, cutting, large thin-walled bore group of efficient processing, parts/high precision cutting, special surface parts processing, powerfully promoted the aerospace vehicle now, with high performance, light-duty, long life, short cycle, low cost, such as direction,For the development of aviation industry has
added a lot of power.

The stability of the body pressure is an important guarantee of the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine. Some sheet metal factories will appear pressure instability when they are in use. What reasons will cause the pressure instability?

It can be said that the pressure instability of the laser cutting machine will affect the cutting effect, cut through or cut badly. Laser cutting machine pressure instability will affect the cutting effect, if the pressure is too low, in the cutting process because the pressure is too small to blow away the cutting debris, resulting in the incision slag residue, or cutting is not through.And if the air pressure is too strong when cutting, it may make the material wobble because of the air pressure, which will also cut badly.

Then the reasons for the air pressure instability are: after confirming the external factors and internal factors, we need to subdivide. The external factors are insufficient air input of the air compressor, too low pressure adjustment of the air regulating valve of the laser cutting machine, oil pollution in the solenoid valve, and the gas path is not smooth.If the pressure is too high, it may be because the air filter pressure reducing valve has failed.

Therefore, we adopted the following methods for analysis and solution:

  1. If the input pressure has reached the requirements, check whether the adjustment of the air filter pressure reducing valve is correct;The gauge pressure display can meet the cutting requirements.
  2. Attention should be paid to the output pressure display of the air compressor before use. If it does not meet the requirements, the pressure can be adjusted or the air compressor can be overseen.
  3. If the input air quality is poor, it will cause oil pollution in the pressure reducing valve, the spool is difficult to open, and the valve port can not be fully opened.
  4. The pressure of the cutting torch nozzle is too low, so the pressure reducing valve needs to be replaced;Gas path section smaller will also cause too low pressure, can be replaced according to the instructions.
  5. If the above external gas path is not a problem, it is necessary to consider the internal factors of the laser cutting machine. First, check whether the pipe is
    damaged, the pipe is knotted, the joint is leaking, and so on.
  6. Secondly, check whether the solenoid valve, check valve and proportional valve in the laser cutting machine are damaged, and determine whether the damage can be solved by replacing it in time.

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