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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 1000w laser cutting machine?


Customers choose 1000w laser cutting machine to increase production efficiency and gain higher industry benefits. But how do you choose a good 1000w laser cutting machine?
First look at the configuration of the 1000w laser cutting machine, laser laser head, according to their own heart price, low-power 2000 watts domestic import performance is not much difference, stability is not much. High power is recommended for IPG lasers. Other accessories motors, guide rails, and rack and pinion can be imported and selected for import.

laser cutter

Followed by laser cutting machine tools, this is very important, the weight of the machine, stability, balance between the left and the right need to be considered, can not see any problems in a short time, long time thin bed high-speed motion will be deformed, the vibration is also larger.

However, the 1000w laser cutting machine is mainly considered for after-sales, and there is no after-sales point in the local area. This is very important. Because no laser manufacturer can guarantee the equipment a little problem.


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