RAS NC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine – E21s Controller

hydraulic guillotine shearing machne
hydraulic guillotine

1. Main Features:

  1. Streamlined design originated from EU, main structure consists of rack, cutter holder, oil cylinder, hydraulic controller, backgauge and others. Finite-element analysis of main parts, Welding parts uses tempering, vibration and other processing methods to eliminate stress ensuring the structural strength and rigidity of each component;
  2. Cutter holder use three-point support rolling guide rail, reducing the friction to the greatest extent, and realizing seamless rolling during cutter holder moving.
  3. Left-most front holder configured with verticality regulator and front positioning device, easy operation and high efficiency;
  4. Simple and effective blade adjusting mechanism rearranges blade clearance by CNC system, improving the cutting quality.
  5. Fine ball screw and polished rod structure, using good-performance frequency converter positions X axis to ensure accuracy, unique designed timing transmission mechanism, stable and reliable.
  6. Light and shadow line is conductive to manual scribing for cutting; stable and reliable hydraulic transmission; integrated hydraulic system is able to significantly alleviate problems causing by hydraulic fluid leakage.
  7. Made by high-quality alloy tool steel capable enough to against impact load and high wear resistance when cutting;
  8. With reference to ergonomic design, easy operation with CNC system surface, improving the operation precision and comfortability; rolling ball workbench to reduce friction and prevent work piece surface from scratching; unique and practical safety guard, line with safety specifications, protect the personal safety; exquisite design, petty work piece can be done easily by hand.

2. Standard Configuration:

  • Estun E21S CNC controller
  • Electrically controls backgauge X-axis
  • DELTA frequency converter and controller
  • HIWIN ball screw and polished rod, control accuracy of 0.05mm.
  • Controller cantilever and front supporter
  • Germany Bosch Rexroth integrated hydraulic valve
  • Germany EMB oil tube connector and high-pressure hose
  • Germany Siemens main motor
  • Germany Schneider electrics
  • Hydraulic and electrical overload protection
  • Light aligning
  • Blade materials ( 6CrW2Si )
  • South Korea KACON pedal switch
  • Cutting angle adjustment
  • Electrically adjusts the blade clearance

3. Safety Standard:

  • Safetry standards(2006/42/EC)
  • Open electric cabinet and front safeguard door to cut off power
  • South Korea KACON pedal switch ( safety grade 4 )
  • Rear metal safeguard rail, CE standard
  • Safety relay monitors pedal switch, safety protection

4. Estun E21S CNC Controller:

  • High-definition LCD display with bilingualism of Chinese and English, multi-step programming,40 programs,25 working steps each program
  • Backgauge: intelligent positioning or manually adjusts when need, removing mechanical hand positioning device.
  • Cutting stroke: built-in time relay, easy operation and low cost
  • Cutting angle: built-in adjusting device for regulating cutting angle, removing angle indicator and button
  • Blade clearance: encoder feedback, timely display the clearance between blades
  • One-key restores and backup parameters
  • Control the cutting angle and blade clearance
  • mm /inch

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