Plate Rolling Machine,CNC Press Brake Put in Botswana Factory for Use


Plate Rolling Machine Feedback

At yesterday,we received the feedback of plate rolling machine and CNC press brake from Botswana customer.We found that customer already installed the machines compeletly and begin to use.The customer mentioned that our products is really good,easy to operate and very practical,we feel very delighted that customer recognize our products.

plate rolling machine feedback from Botswana

CNC press brake feedback from Botswana

Transaction Process

At the beginning,when we started the negotiation, the machine price exceeded the customer’s expectation,the customer thought that the price was a bit expensive, and the delivery distance was far away and worried about the risk, so we didn’t get a clear reply.

Under the follow-up of our business, the customer contacted us again unexpectedly. The customer said that they compared some suppliers of CNC press brake. In terms of price and product configuration, in general, our cost performance is the highest.

Then,our business patiently explained the advantages of KRRASS system configuration, machine material registration, processing technology, quality inspection control and other advantages through WeChat video, finally,the customer placed the order with satisfaction.

After receiving the goods, the customer puts the CNC press brake and the plate rolling machine into the factory and tried the operation. It is a genuine and good product.


Customer Recommendation

Not only that, the customer also recommended CNC press brake to his Kenyan friend, and sent a photo of him with the machine to his Kenyan friend. The Kenyan friend found it very good, so we got in touch with the Kenyan customer. Good product is the best publicity!

Bostwana Customer recommend plate rolling machine to Kenyan friend