Kosovo customer purchased a hydraulic press brake and received already




Machine:Hydraulic press brake (160Tx3200) with E21 controller

Transaction process:

Although the salesman took the order, the transaction process was not smooth. At first, the customer felt that the product was a bit expensive, and there was an unpleasant things that happened in the previous cooperation with a supplier in China,so, the customer did not reply.

However, the salesman did not give up. Whether in normal times or on holidays, they insisted on communicating with customers at the right time, keeping follow-up, and slowly establishing a sense of trust with customers. Then, at the request of customers, through video It demonstrated the strength of our company and the factory, as well as related customer testimonials and cases. Finally, the customer paid the deposit, and the salesman won the new year’s opening order.

Receipt details:The Kosovo customer successfully received machine,then checked it carefully, authentic and trustworthy.


Kosovo client received the KRRASS hydraulic press brakeKosovo client received the KRRASS hydraulic press brake