I. General Regulations

In order to rapidly expand the national market and set up sales and service network throughout the world, KRRASS and agent are willing to jointly develop the local market in line with the principle of mutual trust, equality, cooperation and common development.

KRRASS is committed to the construction of global marketing network and building a global and efficient marketing channel as the ultimate goal.

The company hopes to be the strategic partner of the agents who are interested in distributing shearing machine and Press Brake, so as to jointly commit to the prosperity and development of the industry.

KRRASS will provides agents with high-quality products, preferential policy and marketing support, thoughtful pre-sale and after-sales service for setting up a win-win, co-prosperity, long-term partnership with dealers and agents.

II. Development planning of agents

Section 1: agency policy:

Exclusive agent, retail agent (not exclusive)

The qualified agent will be authorized by our company to be the exclusive agency and could enjoy the exclusive operation rights in this area (the specified requirements are subject to national situations).

Section 2: The Obligations of Agent:

Agent: authorized by KRRASS Company, agent shall conduct market researching, saleing and after-sales service work, at the same time, the agent shall abide by the company’s management regulations.

After authorization, the agents could sell the company’s products.

Section 3: The Rights of Agents:

The agents are full charge of the sales and after-sales service in agency area.

Section 4: Qualification Requirements of Agents:

The basic requirement of agent: have basic confidence in products, have their own import and export corporation, sales office or showroom, and follow KRRASS sales policy and maintain products and KRRASS image.

Section 5: Basic Requirements on Agents:

  • Have certain market promotion ability and product sales ability.
  • Have certain business credit and good corporate image.
  • Have corresponding business qualifications and fixed business premises.
  • Identify with KRRASS management system, product efficacy and accept its management.
  • Cooperate with KRRASS and be willing to invest in the market with KRRASS.
  • Business scope radiate to a certain area centered around the location and can independently undertake sales and network construction tasks in designated areas.
  • Developing or selling other products of the same kind or competition with KRRASS is forbidden.

III. The procedures for agent application

The following documents are required for applying for dealership:

  1. The agent must have the status of an independent legal person;
  2. The agent shall have business premises;
  3. Copy of business license;

IV. The system for exclusive agent application

The customer or vendor, whose annual sales amount could meet KRRASS stipulated requirements, has an opportunity to be an our company agent, the agents authorized by KRRASS have rights to enjoy corresponding service and local marketing policy.

KRRASS Company will provide a one-year period of support for exclusive agent, such as, assisting agent to draw up a sales plan based on their home market and helping the agent complete the sales plan.

V. The rights and obligations of the agent

Section 1: company’s support for agents:

  1. KRRASS will provide agents with professional training, training contents includes product superiorities, Products functions and principles, after-sales service, enterprise management and operation and so on, if necessary, KRRASS will assign special personnel to cooperation and support.
  2. KRRASS provide agents with corresponding sales data, including authorization card, power of authorization, product brochure, all kinds of display products, related certification and standard documents, business and other necessary documents.

(Unified production, not made for the agent alone)

  1. KRRASS will provide agents with media publicity and support according to the actual operation, such as newspapers and magazines, network publicity, film and television media and others (based on the sales performance).
  2. KRRASS will recommend new customer resources to local agents in the area of the agency.
  3. KRRASS will provide corresponding supports for exhibition in this area.

Section 2: responsibilities of agents:

  1. Collect and communicate marketing research information about customers and potential customers, competitors and other participants in the agency area.
  2. Employees should be professional and could provide customer with timely, high-quality and efficient service.
  3. Manage and maintain subordinate agents to carry out business work, and actively developed the market with KRRASS.

NOTE: Nanjing Klaus CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation of the rules