JB23 Series Open Tilting Type Punching Machine

1. Main Features:

  • The series punching machine adopt rigid rotated key clutch with simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, helical gear transmission, smooth operation and low impact.
  • J23-25 open inclinable punching machine, first changed from traditional sliding bearing to ball bearing with higher Wear Resistance, avoid generating big gear noise due to brass faster abrasion.
  • J23 series open inclinable punching machine is unique in the industry with transmission brass gear.
  • Redesigned machine body with higher strength, at the same time, completed with ball bearing transmission (small noise).
  • J23-80 and above tonnage punching machine is in pneumatic dual-balance cylinder structure with low balance fluctuation, balancing slider and upper die weight, and avoiding machine shaking caused by afore-mentioned weight.
  • Prevent gear backward force colliding and making noise, eliminating clearance between connecting rod and slider and reducing force component impact and abrasion.
  • Avoid slider falling accidents due to brake failure or connect rod breakage.

2. Standard Configurations:

  • Chinese high-performance motor
  • France Schneider electric
  • Safety standard (2006 / 42 / EC)
  • Left and right safety fence

3. Safety Standard:

  • Safety standard (2006 / 42 / EC)
  • Open electric cabinet door to cut off power
  • China pedal switch (safety grade 4)
  • Left and right safety fences line with CE standard
  • Safety relay monitors pedal switch, safety protection


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