Y27 Series Four-column Single-action Hydraulic Stamping Press

1. Main Features:

  1. Computer optimized structure design: 3-beam 4-column structure, simple, easy and good rigidity.
  2. Integrated steel welding frame, treated by tempering, VSR (vibratory stress relief) etc to relief internal stress.
  3. Two-way cartridge valve integrated hydraulic control system: reliable, long life, low hydraulic impact, and can reduce the pipeline leak points.
  4. Hydraulic system equipped with pressure pre-relief device, low hydraulic impact.
  5. Separate electric control system: reliable, visual, easy for maintenance.
  6. Button centralized control: manual or semi-auto adjusting methods.
  7. Working pressure of slider, fast down idle speed and slow pressing stroke can be adjusted according to technology requirements.
  8. Console control, the upper slider with lubrication-free sliding system

2. Standard Accessories:

  • OMRON PLC control
  • Germany Bosch Rexroth integrated hydraulic valve
  • Germany EMB tubing connector and high-pressure hose
  • Germany Siemens main motor
  • Germany Schneider electrics
  • Hydraulic & Electric overload protection
  • Movable console

3. Safety Standard:

  • Safety Standard(2006/42/EC)
  • Electric cabinet and front fence with opening door power-off function
  • Metal safety fence, CE standard
  • Safety relay monitor pedal switch, safety protection

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