YD32 Hydraulic Embossing Machine

Embossing machine krrass

I. Main Features:

  1. This equipment is mainly used at security door, steel wooden door, inside door, stainless steel doors,  iron gate, etc production factory and steel market, for punching press different pattern security door panel, stainless door panel, inside door panel. This machine’s advantage are high efficient, convenient and safe operating, energy saving, appearance attracting, and low cost.
  2. Independent power mechanism and electrical system are controlled by press-button enabling realize manual. And equipped with movable button station. Two operate way: semi-automatic, and automatic operation.
  3. Working pressure, speed, and stroke can be set in a certain range according to different technological requirements.

II. Machine construction

  1. Three beams and eight columns construction. Machine body combined with worktable, slider (middle beam), upper beam, columns, bolt, etc. Beam adopted steel plate welding. After welding, go through inspection and handle to ensure machine’s rigidity and accuracy.
  2. Machine has high rigidity and high strength. Machine’s precision adjusting by adjust column’s nut. Machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance.
  3. Slider (middle beam) movement relay on column and inside self-lubricating bearing guide bush for up and down move.
  4. Main oil cylinder, column adopt 45# steel. Column, piston rod’s surface go through quenching for ensure hardness arrived HRC45-52. Oil cylinder seal use Japan NOK sealing.

III. Hydraulic control system

  1. Hydraulic control adopt insert type compact valve system, it can achieved high accuracy, simple construction and reliable operation. System equipped with overload protection device for protect over pressure hurt machine. Pipe connect by flange connection, reduce oil leak, and easy maintain.
  2. Hydraulic component select REXROTH hydraulic valve. Oil pump used axial piston pump.
  3. Recommend No.46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

IV. Electric system

1.Electric system is Relay control.

2.Electric control system contains: electric box and control button station. Power facilities and relay all installed at electric box. Kinds of movement can be        achieved on control box.

3.Power line :380V;Control line:220V,50HZ. Voltage can be customized according to customer’s requirement.



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