Georgia delaer purchased CNC press brake,Fiber laser cutting machine and other machines for sale


Country : Georgia


Purchased Machines

  • CNC press brake(125T×3200)
  • 1500W Fiber laser cutting machine(RAS-3015A 1500W)
  • Plate rolling amchine(W12-4×2000)
  • CNC pipe bending machine(DW50CNC)
  • Profile bending machine(WYQ24-6)

Georgia delaer  purchased CNC sheet metal equipment again from KRRASS, as an important partner of KRRASS in east-Europe, Georgia delaer continues to expand the east-Europe market and accumulates more and more customers and brand awareness.


I hope that in the new year, we will continue to cooperate deeply with each other, win more orders, gain more recognition, and strive to become a leader in the field of sheet metal processing.


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Georgia delaer purchased 1500W fiber laser cutting machine for sale

Georgia delaer purchased nc press brake for sale

Georgia delaer purchased plate rolling machine