Deep throat press machine with CNC feeding table

Main Features of Feeding Machine:

Driven and locked by well-known brand AC motor or hybrid stepping motor to ensure adjusting accuracy and reliable

Over current, overvoltage, overheat and phase dislocation protection, and convenient for maintenance

Wrong code display, power-off protection

Mechanical clearance software compensation, multi-level working speed, decimal data input

Main electric elements are installed in the electric cabinet, safety, easy maintenance

Precise large stroke Ball Screw ensures lubricating accuracy and speed

Base bracket is made by cast steel with smooth surface, flatness and elegant, and the supporter can be freely adjusted through adjustment bolts for free installment size, and reliable

X-axes is driven by servo motor and polished rod, made by bearing steel through fine grinding quenched and tempered 62°,smooth and high wear resistance.


NC X,Y axes Micron interpolation accuracy

USB, U-disk, RS232COM etc various communication, help user easily implement different data needs and software upgrades

Macro variable, define macro programming realize multiple logical relationships, supporting call macro programs with parameters

CAD drawing can auto converse to processing programs, CAM graphic library containing various common graphics

According to program code, automatically generate machining path, tracking machining position during processing course

Breakpoint memory function, procedure can be chosen from the breakpoint to continue processing under exceptional conditions

Tow-axis manual set-up punch: when the machine receipts die exchanging instruction, system will stop working and release signal for exchanging die.

Multi-processing ways: one-time punch, continue punch, single-segment punch, plate auto repositioning

Die rotating function is convenient for punching complex shapes, automatic angle optimization

Oversize program storage space for all kinds of large program files processing

With input/output module, can expand I/O points number

Rapid movement speed can up to 60 m/min at most, highest feeding speed can reach 30 m/min

Servo AB encoder closed-loop control ensures feeding accuracy

Can add punch special additional panel, convenient for operation

Power-off memory function, password protection, screen saver function etc

Support secondary repositioning function and clamp avoidance function to achieve no dead-zone processing

All-roundly compatible with PROCAM etc CAM software, and attach punch special compound instruction

CAM wizard-punching instruction programs, you can directly fill in the information about holes, then start machine

DXF+G code template graphic analysis, can directly convert CAD drawing to processing file, no need dongle support

Can preview graphic processing code and real-time track processing path

Support powerful B-class macro analysis function, easy for user develop their athletic programs

Powerful network function: remote download, copy, delete files in controller

Complete, visual system reflecting operation status, help user timely finds and solve problems

With rich protection functions, such as dead point detection, clamp release alarm, main motor upstart alarm

Read U-disk function: simulating electronic hard disk reading, editing and processing data, satisfying various large processing programs demands

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